These uniquely designed courses and intensives are designed by KSWU to give you tools to help you heal and journey to wholeness and destiny attainment. They are also designed to assist you in training groups and teams with educational and biblical foundations.


Taquetta is ordained and licensed minister, trained in apostolic reformation, fivefold ministry, prayer, deliverance, healing, and fine arts. Taquetta was ordained and licensed by JGM Prayerlife Enternational Institute in Highland, California. Taquetta has over 22 years of professional and Christian counseling experience and has successfully counseled and mentored extreme cases of abuse, trauma, and mental illness. In addition to hands on experience, Taquetta has been professionally trained via workshops in the following areas:

Helping Children Cope with Trauma
Abuse, Trauma & Neglect
Counseling Victims of Sexual Trauma
Behavioral Analysis Continuing Education Classes
Behavioral Disorder Training
Assessing & Treating Reactive Attachment Disorder
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Training of Depressive Disorders
Training of Bipolar Disorder
Training of Psychological Disorders
Grief & Loss in Children
Therapeutic Story Telling
Social Skills Training & Relationship Training
Working with Unmotivated & Resistant Adolescents
Anger & Stress Management Training
Conflicting Resolution & De-Escalation Skills
​Communication Skills

Social and Interpersonal Skills Building
Relationship Training
​Suicide Assessment of Minority Adolescents